Miércoles, 24 de Abril de 2013
International Day of Noise Awareness

For more than 15 years, every last Wednesday of the month of April is the International Day of Noise Awareness in order to promote sound environmental stewardship, conservation of hearing and awareness of the discomfort and damage generated by noise.

Luxmader Group wants to claim the importance of preserving the welfare and tranquility in the home and workplaces. To do this, in their constant search for new materials, has created the collection "Acustic". The composition used to manufacture these panels is of sound absorption, which turns any room into a haven of peace. Furthermore, Luxmader, functionality is not incompatible with the design, so the collection is available in various colors and can fit well in any environment.

Noise produces negative effects on people, like other pollutants is a major environmental and social problem. The struggle for acoustic cleaning need, therefore, for the collaboration of individuals, businesses and governments. Luxmader put their molehill, creating a collection that gets that households are noise-free places.


These panels, complying with the legal requirements of the market, are also fireproof and all wood used for the manufacture of curtains of the Valencian company is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a leading international guarantees ensuring cut timber without forest damage.




Acustic Collection

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