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Miércoles, 16 de Abril de 2014
Now that Easter and warm weather has arrived it is necessary to bring some spring air to our home, and to refresh the atmosphere with small changes to make it more cheerful and bright.

Deep Grain Collection

Gradually we are discovering the trends for spring 2014. One of these is the range of pastel colors, and proof of this is the collection that Luxmader has added to its catalog for spring 2014: Deep Grain Collection. A symphony of pastel tones: pink, purple, coral, blue and green smooth… A sweet range of colors for a serene, romantic and modern atmosphere.

The collection is available for 50 mm (2 ") slat and 70 mm (2 ½") slat, and are 12 deep grain lacquered colors for this series.

Range of pastel colors of Deep Grain Collection

This collection combined with a wide range of decorative accessories (ladder tapes, decorative ladder tapes and ladder strings) makes each Venetian a unique element for the decoration of rooms. The soft pastel tones that Luxmader brings this 2014 spring are ideal for children's rooms, and even more for a bedroom of a newborn, but certainly these tones are increasingly present in the most diverse stays. As you can see today they are ideal for any room, give us serenity and to some retro touch. You dare to use them?? Click here

Here you have some quick tips for freshening up one’s home decor in time for spring! Hope you like them and put them into practice!

Fill a vase with flowers

Update cushions and pillows

Change bed sheets, blankets and duvets

Add something blue

Put some plants

Rearrange the furniture


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