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Who we are

Who we are

With nearly 20 years of history, the company known for the breadth of its catalog, high quality materials and finishes and the possibility it offers to its customers to provide a totally personalized curtain.

The team (around 120 employees) are the most important resource for the real success of the Company. Its success in business is attributed directly to the employees: creative, competent and with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Luxmader offers the broadest and most advanced range of products in its sector. This is reflected in nine different measures of slat, two thicknesses and a variety of finishes including a palette of over 200 colors.

Luxmader philosophy customer understands that everything should be possible. Therefore, each product allows full customization and full answer to the needs of customers, both in design and functionality.


1922 The Borrás Family, ancestors of the founder of company, Juan Borrás, started to manufacture wood blinds for the local market in 1922 expanding the business national wise in 1955.

Started its activity in 1994, in 800 m² facilities, manufacturing wooden Venetian blinds and interior design products for windows, under the trade mark LUXMADER. We produced handcrafted slats from planks with conventional machinery, and just three sizes (25mm, 35mm and 50mm). The production was aimed at making custom-made wooden Venetian blinds in a small range of colors, to supply Spain and some European countries like France and Italy.  

1997 Expansion process begins. Out of the need to increase our production, we moved to 2000 m² facilities. Machinery and personnel grown in number. This made possible the increase of sizes, colors and special finish in our products, always following the wooden Venetian blind and wooden vertical custom-made blind line. 

  New period. In view of the continuous growth of the company, in 2001 we moved our mechanized and slat paint facilities again, this time we moved to Sollana (Valencia) to a 12.000 m² factory. This expansion and its corresponding production increase, allowed us to supply products to other manufacturers, although we keep on working on custom-made Venetian blinds in our facilities in Aldaia, which has always been our main interest.

 Grouping processes. In 2004 we definitely joined together all production and manufacturing processes in the new facilities in Sollana (Valencia) reaching 21.000 m².

2008 Awarded. From the Comunidad Valenciana, the company supplies its products to more than 50 countries and was awarded with a special prize for International Operations by the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia.

 New growth period. Qualfin, an American company, manufacturer of the industry, with over 25 years’ experience, integrates on Fusta Blinds group creating a new brand named Luxmader by Qualfin. With new goals, new products and services and, more importantly, generate new sales and reach new potential customers.

Nowadays, Fusta Blinds, as manufacturer and Luxmader as trade brand, are leader in the European market and a global reference in the manufacturing of wooden products (both interior and exterior) for windows.  


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