Martes, 14 de Mayo de 2013
Farewell to minimalism, the cottage is the tendency

As in fashion, decoration also change trends. No more coldness of minimalism and welcome the cottage, rural classic English style. Characterized by using natural colors and traditional elements with vintage objects to match the tones of the room. Luxmader launch Venetian blinds "Elle Deco" manufactured in wood and pastel colors, perfect for cottage environments.

Who has not dreamed of having a house in the English countryside filled with sophisticated air emulating the Victorian era? The most romantic are in luck, the reign of white and black that characterized minimalism is over to make way for cottage style, full of color, romance and unique pieces.




It is a decorative style that comes from the English cottage and is characterized by a taste for the old and for the care of the small details. The cottage word meaning "place of rest in the countryside", which gives us a hint of the characteristics of this trend, which is based on a bucolic style, cozy, classic and elegant. A sober space can become a cozy if we apply the principles that define this concept without further to toil a lot of money, just looking for the exclusive, unique and personalized to every detail.




The predominant colors are pale pink and white but, anyway, any pastel shade fits perfectly in creating this environment. A Venetian, to match the decor of the room will be the perfect touch to make the room unique. Luxmader created, considering this new trend, the collection "Elle Deco", manufactured in wood and cream colors that fits, perfectly, in any room cottage. Perfect for the most demanding.




Elle Deco




Reinvent your home

 Elle Deco Blue

Digging through old family furniture can be a good choice to create that cottage atmosphere we are seeking. The mixture of styles, from what we already have and what they incorporate, will give a unique and exclusive.



 Wooden furniture colonial style wicker screens, chandeliers, curtains cake... anyway, thing is to get total harmony of colors and vintage style. As with other types of decoration, such as country, the wood can be treated to make them look aged and why not, a good idea to also introduce auxiliary plant fiber into furniture or decorative objects.



 The elements that should not miss to get the style that we are very typical classic prints british decoration: wallpapers, ceramic ornaments mixed with ethnic-style decor, patterned fabrics toile de Jouy ...



 For the bedroom, it is best to opt for white furniture with simple lines and upholstered headboard, nightstands and some auxiliary furniture in pastel colors. Also, a good option is to paper the walls with floral motifs. As for other decorative aspects, it is very common to use in this style wrought iron ceiling lamps and decorate the tables with ceramic vases with fitting.



Some objects that bring the romantic touch being sought are, for example, an aged wooden coat rack on the wall, floral frame with wicker baskets with lace ... and anything that we move to rural smarter. Essential to use tile colors, sand, cream and brown mixed with some detail in red, navy or olive green.





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