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Viernes, 23 de Mayo de 2008

Luxmader has developed an innovative child safety system that prevents the constriction of the smallest with the tassel and curtain cords. Our company was concerned especially with the alarming number of minor bottlenecks occur each year in the world. So we put our engineering team to work on a system that would prevent such accidents.


The new system patented has earned the recognition of the BBSA, the British Association of Blinds and Shutters, which has called it one of the best on the market to ensure the safety of children. This recognition is a boost for the company abroad, especially in the UK, with a strong awareness about this problem since last year only a dozen children died from accidental curtains.


Simple and practical


One of the main advantages of the system is its simplicity and pragmatism. The mechanism consists in two parts joined by a magnet. At the time that pressure is exerted on the string, the ball cord open into two parts, avoiding a bottleneck. Moreover, being a magnet mechanism allows the possibility of appearance back together without any damage.


We also have designed a second version for greater versatility, in which the cord is attached to the rail by a cover. The system is activated when a certain force is exerted on the cord, causing it to lift off the rail and avoiding bottlenecks. We believe that both systems will respond warmly welcomed because of a simple and practical security needs of our customers.


Bottlenecks children: a cause for concern


Since 2010, nearly eleven children have died in the UK as a result of strangulation with a curtain cord. Children aged between 16 and 36 months are particularly susceptible to an accident of this type, as they are able to play around the ropes, but they have the strength to break free in case of accident, as caution since the BBSA.


Besides incorporating certified systems to ensure safety in the event of an accident, experts recommend to follow some basic tips, such as preventing minors have access to cords and out sofas, chairs or tables windows.


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