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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The Social Business Responsibility is the voluntary phenomenon that searches to conciliate the growth and the competitivity, integrating at the same time the commitment with social development and environmental improvement.

Society increase of worry about ethic problems, environmental and social, makes FUSTA BLINDS to tackle in depth, acquiring a permanent commitment in all interest groups. In FUSTA BLINDS we commit with  environment, with a protection and respect policy to nature with our own foundation PROJECT PLANTAR. The trees used to make the wood to  produce all our items, come mainly from Cameroon where after felling the trees in the forest, we give back to this area advantages and benefits to improve their living conditions in one of the most underdeveloped area in the African continent ( roads, schools, sport issues…). Equipo de Futbol Luxmader

FUSTA BLINDS participates in social projects which reflect values as integrity, dignity, ethic and responsibility. FUSTA BLINDS cooperates actively with those institutions and associations who care for people with the most basic needs, in many occasions sponsoring sport activities like the football team in CASA CARIDAD VALENCIA, ONG centenary in Valencia city, private charity institution declared as public unit, dedicated to solve the most basic needs to homeless people. In the present time their services include social dining hall, shelter, nursery, clothing, daily center, hygiene and health program, home and job searching. The social dining hall distributes more than 300.000 food portions, the shelter admits more than 20.000 overnights and the Nursery takes care of more than 76 children between 1 and 3 years old. Together with these services, there is a Social Work Department to support social admission to homeless people by their Daily Center, advising, accompaniment of mono-parental
families and basic services of health and hygiene.

CASA CARIDAD organizes several football matches between their team CASA CARIDAD and other football teams belonging to institutions working in the same area.

The main aim of CASA CARIDAD FOOTBALL TEAM is to offer safe values in sport practice, as well as encouraging team work and respectful intercultural behavior between users of CASA CARIDAD that compose the football team (in which there are 14 different nationalities). 

Carrera de la Mujer

It is been 9 years already that a Women Race started
to support the fight againts Breast Cancer and it is celebrated in 8 very important Spanish cities. We are lucky and Fusta Blinds S.L. staff joins every year the one which takes place in Valencia. It takes around 6 kilometres and we are between 5.000 and 8.000 women (babies, children, teenagers, grandmothers…no matter the age as long as you are a woman).

This year the Woman race organisation expects a 50.000€ donation (counting with all the women who will participate) added to the 370.000€ approximately we might have collected already. This is a tribute for all women who are fighting against Breast Cancer and for the ones who could not win the battle but will run with us forever.


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