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TRENTINO panel. The wood structures comprising Hollow collection are made of solid wood in a grid design, obtaining different shapes and sizes depending on the braiding layout. Available in several wood species finished with a clear lacquer for UV protection. This model is available in the following colours: Fir, Pine, Birch, Ash, Beech, Oak, Alder y Cherry. For measures bigger than 2400mm in drop, the panel will be assembled with a divider profile in the same material as the frame.
  • Type of material: Panels of solid wood making a grid design with aluminium frame
  • Panel tickness: 8mm
  • Frame thickness: 27 mm
Technical specifications             

Listed below are a number of technical specifications which meet the basic information.

  • Minimum width: 300mm
  • Weight m2: 3kg/m2
  • Maximum drop: 3600mm
  • Finish: Decorative valance optional
  • Maximum width: 800mm
  • Minimum drop: 500mm
  • Stardard Head rail: Decorative balance optional
Range of colors             

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