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RAVENNA panel. Natura collection is made of wood fiber material and cork sheets decorated in several colours. For measures bigger than 2500mm in drop, the panel will be assembled with a divider profile in the same material as the frame.
  • Type of material: Panel made in one side with braided wood fibers with aluminium frame. Panels can be made with both sides in the same finish, in this case, please ask for delivery time.
  • Panel tickness: 11mm
  • Frame thickness: 27 mm
Technical specifications             

Listed below are a number of technical specifications which meet the basic information.

  • Minimum width: 300mm
  • Weight m2: 9,3kg/m2
  • Maximum drop: 3650mm
  • Finish: Decorative valance optional
  • Maximum width: 1000mm
  • Minimum drop: 500mm
  • Stardard Head rail: Decorative balance optional
Range of colors             

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