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ACUSTIC panel. The material used for making panels Acustic, have a high acoustic absorption. Available in several colours to give versatility when decorating a room, where higher soundproofing is required. Model Nato: produced in bamboo wood (light or toasted). The sticks can have different sizes. Any colour and stick size can be combined. Model Alfa: All the panel is in one colour and the sticks are the same size. Model Piedra: the whole panel is in one colour and the sticks are the same size.
  • Type of material: Flame retardant panels with a high capacity of acoustic absorption, with aluminium frame. Finished on both sides in the required colour.
  • Panel tickness: 26 mm
  • Frame thickness: 27 mm
Technical specifications             

Listed below are a number of technical specifications which meet the basic information.

  • Minimum width: 300mm
  • Weight m2: 15kg/m2
  • Maximum drop: 2400mm
  • Finish: Decorative valance optional
  • Maximum width: 1200mm
  • Minimum drop: 500mm
  • Stardard Head rail: Decorative balance optional
Range of colors             

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