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Wood venetian blinds with 50/70 mm slat are ideal to fit in huge space.
  • Type of material: Rafia
  • Slat thickness: (5/2) +-0,5mm

Se puede fabricar cualquier color especial aportando una muestra física para su reproducción, o bien escogiendo un código de la carta RAL o NCS.

  • Rafia
Technical specifications             

Listed below are a number of technical specifications which meet the basic information.

  • Sello inclinada
  • Sello Cabeza
  • Sello inclinada
  • Sello inclinada
  • Sello Manivela
  • Sello Motorizada
  • Slat width: 50/70 ±0,08 mm
  • Minimum width: 300 mm
  • Weight m2: 3 kg/m2
  • Maximum drop: 3.500 mm
  • Finish: Wood valance, attached by magnets.
  • Maximum width: 2.500 mm
  • Minimum drop: 300 mm
Range of colors             
Ladder tape colors             
Ladder string colors             
Haidrail colors             
Related environments             

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