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Miércoles, 11 de Septiembre de 2013

Japan is fashionable. In addition to winning the candidature for the Olympic Games of 2020 all Japanese attracts Westerners. His spirituality, his food, his way of being, the way they dress. Everything is interesting and very different to what we are used to seeing. In the decoration they have done very well, many are those who choose to give an oriental touch to their homes.


Transparent collection of japanese panels In Japan it has responded to the problems of space, since time immemorial, without sacrificing aesthetics and good taste. The Japanese house has had great influence on the distribution of spaces and decorative trends of the West. The search for relaxation and much appreciated Eastern austerity in a society as stressful as ours.


Decorative materials most used by the Japanese are wood for furniture and cotton and silk for textiles. They also have their own materials and very little used in the rest of the world as rice straw, which is normally used for the mat, or paper, also of the same cereal, often used in the manufacture of lamps, screens and sliding doors.


Square PVC japanese panelBut, if anything from Japanese culture that seems to have already made a dent in European homes are Japanese panels. Besides being used as curtains to filter light, and is used in many homes, doors or as a decorative element that separates rooms. The possibilities are endless. The panels can be of a solid color or pattern, and of different materials. They can be imprinted with photographs, a highly original alternative to give a unique touch to our home. So, create a pleasant and with personality is easy.


Furthermore, if we get a 100% Japanese, we must consider a number of features. The colors of the walls should be light and neutral, for which whites and creams will be perfect. The furniture also should be on one side of the room, leaving the rest of the space completely free stay. Minimalism is the key.


It must also introduce a natural element decoration, such as bamboo, as simple as placing a pair of sticks with white stones in a glass vase in any corner of the house. The furniture also should be dark and low, and clear paint contrast with maintaining the neutrality of the room. Finally, included in typical Japanese decoration elements: water fountains, miniature Zen gardens, Buddhas...  



Custom Japanese panel of Glass Collection





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