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There was a time when the Countryside was synonymous to old, outmoded and out of date. Today that vision has turned 180 degrees, and has become the object of desire of many passionate about decorating. Using fine materials, retrieve objects from the past and go for warm colors are some of the clues to follow to make your home convey the essence of rustic origin.


Pleated wooven wood blinds

The rural, is not unique to who is lucky enough to have a house in the country where you spend your days. This type of decoration can be adapted to any housing provided a number of recommendations are followed and with a commitment to quality materials, wood, stone, for details, iron. This original raw material combined with simple decor and warm fabrics commitment to turn your home into a place of dreams.


Finestra Wood Shutter CollectionOne of the essential elements in a room of this style are wooden beams. If your home is modern and you lack exposed beams, you can get them in DIY shops and decoration. Normally are made of resin, they weigh nothing and are very simple to install. They are also available in various colors so you can choose the one that best fits your home.


For windows we recommend wooden shutters. Luxmader has a wide range available in various colors and patterns of finishes. Any of the styles that are available to fit perfectly in a rural setting, along the lines of the wood is always the star of the room.


Other tracks that will help give the appearance that we are looking for our house is us with objects and other ancient decorative elements, rather than have belonged to the family or you purchased from a flea market, or antique trail . These items will make your stay recycled unique locations. Have you recovered the sewing machine your grandmother? Metal bases are perfect to make a nice table. Have you saved all the old family photos? Get beautiful frames in different sizes and place them all on a wall, it will be a beautiful spot that will give rise to many conversations when you visit your frinds!  If you're lucky enough to have a large living room, dare to add a fireplace. Electrics are the best choice because they have the decorative properties of the usual and ensure the availability of electric heat. Also, you do not need any special installation, just plug grounded.


Finestra Wood Shutter CollectionAs for the room, if you can get a wooden box, feel free to use it to decorate the room. It can serve as a place to store the bedding and towels. If you have enough space, try to get an old hardwood cabinet and restore it, will be the icing on the room!


Finally, be careful with the choice of colors. Opt for warm, neutral tones. Choose beige, earth tones, stone and any color-related elements of nature, greens, oranges, yellows, mustards ... remember that this style means a return to the origins, the encounter with the fundamental principles of traditional life.


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