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Miércoles, 18 de Diciembre de 2013
Christmas living rooms

Christmas holidays are here. The city streets are flooded with light, cold accompanies our walks and holiday spirit brings us back to childhood. Everything around us is changing and graces for these dates and, as it cannot be otherwise, our house must also "dress" in an appropriate way for these special days.



Christmas living rooms

For the living room, the tree and the Bethlehem is a classic that must be present. Traditions are the protagonists of these special holidays. Regarding the tree, if we do not want to spend much money on a real one, we can get with an artificial one, who already made ??very nice and in various sizes so we can pick the one that best suits our lounge and our pockets!


Food ready!


Arrange the table is tastefully another task to consider this holiday season, especially when we have guests!


The first is to get a nice tablecloth. If possible, you should wear green and red colors are the protagonists of these parties and a Christmas theme, such as holly leaves or snow swabs. Another option is to put a white tablecloth, this way you get to focus all attention on the rest of the table decorations. Remember that, as established protocol, the tablecloth should hang side by no more than one third of the way there from the table to the floor. For napkins ideally go to match the tablecloth. Since it is a very special dates that are the best material, but then we have to wash them, and leave the paper for the day. One tip, napkins should never get into the cup!


If you dare, you can also create yourself a Christmas table center. With dried flowers, pine cones, ribbons and candles, you can become one of the most original. In order to feel good and to allow visual contact between the guests, the center should not be very high.


Another simple option, as decoration for the table, is to buy a nice bowl and place it sails of different sizes and colors with a pair of balls. It's simple and it is beautiful!


Finally, something that has become very fashionable this year is to decorate the tables with elements of nature. Bet on the trunks, branches, chestnuts, pine cones, red berries ... If you have the opportunity to take the field to collect them, you can buy in stores or home decor, albeit artificial.


To top off our table and give an elegant finishing touch is a very good idea to place some tall candlesticks, whether or not gold. But only should contact social evenings rather than during the day.



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