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Martes, 18 de Marzo de 2014

Does the interior of the prestigious TV series Mad Men inspires you this season? Are you fascinated by jazz, the sophistication and vintage environments? So your style is 'retro chic'. Luxmader explains how you apply it in your home with our PVC and aluminum venetian blinds. With this new decor you will create a proper atmosphere of New York's Madison Avenue in the 50s. We review, with the help of the interior of this legendary series, the keys to this style.

Venetian blinds for retro environments

Give a sophisticated touch to your living room.

Don Draper's office, the successful creative director played by actor Jon Hamm, is an extension of his home decoration. His office exudes simplicity and style with pure lines furniture and neutral palette. The Venetian aluminum blinds completes the decoration providing strength to the whole.

Aluminium venetian blinds

To translate this style to your living room you just have to choose as dominant color palette of cream and cinnamon, you might fit our ranges Buro, Aqua, Paspartou…. Place objects strategically to provide a touch of color: shades Sandy, orange or bluish green can be the perfect complement. Also set lights with an industrial touch. The leather seats in black or beige complete the interior.

Choose for your window covering an aluminum venetian blind.  In Luxmader merge aluminum with other materials such as wood and translucent slat to create a sophisticated and retro environment. The Antica head rail, the original head rail system of wooden venetian blinds, completes the design of the curtain system.

Aluminium venetian blinds and antica head rail system

Translucent Venetian blids: The chic touch

Roger Sterling, owner of the advertising agency Sterling Cooper, where much of the life of Mad Men takes place, is one of the most complex characters in the series. His bohemian life, with a strong taste for luxury, is also reflected in their work environment.

The decor, very chic, is dominated by white and design objects. In this light space dominates the entire stay.

PVC venetian blinds: Crystal collection

Copy this environment with Crystal Luxmader series. This collection combines wood with different materials such as translucent slat to create a contemporary effect. Further, these curtains also use the Antica head rail system, an original head wooden venetian blinds give it a retro air. Fill the room with shades of gray and ice white colors of light to flood the work area. Choosing a glass table exacerbate the 'volatility' space. 



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