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The American division of Luxmader awarded

Smith & Noble, supplier of window coverings and a reference of this sector in the U.S. market since 1987, celebrated his Vendor Summit (2013) last March 12th, where Luxmader was awarded in the category of Vendor of the year 2013 inWindow Treatments.


The American division of Luxmader awarded

In 2012 Smith & Noble saw as his 25th birthday approached, and therefore planned to celebrate these awards. It was a recognizing to their consumers, employees and suppliers, a token of gratitude for their support and loyalty over the years, and so, today takes place every year. In the case of supplier’s awards, the brand established two divisions: Hardware and Window Treatments. The final grade is determined by: 60% quality, 25% on time delivery, and 15% Delivery Time Revised. This last qualification refers to when, for whatever reason we know that we will not deliver on time, the customer must inform the new delivery date. In this way Luxmader, with the best result in delivery time (99.8%) and best score in revised delivery times (99.5%) was raised with the award for best supplier of the year of 2013 Made. 

"In particular, we were very gratified at the positive response of our vendor community to our strategic commitments to build Smith+Noble into a design premium brand" said Ken Constable, President of the American company, at the time he was congratulating the winners: "Congratulations to Luxmader as Smith+Noble’s 2013 window treatment vendor of the year, and to Iron Art by Orion as our 2013 hardware vendor of the year. The competition in both categories was fierce, as usual, so both winners deserve great credit for coming out on top vs. some very fine competitors.” For its part Constable emphasized that what is really important was the success of the continuous improvement of the customer experience.



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