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Lunes, 07 de Abril de 2014

Luxmader received the Japanese market in the EU Gateway Tokyo, a meeting where the company exhibited the purest lines of wood in neutral colors, according to the Asian market. Thanks to this business program, the company has achieved to enter the Japanese market, and and convert the product into a success.

Luxmader EU Gateway

Luxmader was one of the 30 European firms selected to participate in the EU Gateway program, which aims to support companies during the early stages of penetration into the Asian market, mainly Japanese and Korean. Juan Borrás, manager of the company, said "this is a great opportunity to learn, in depth, the Japanese market and receive training as they continue to grow." In this way, Luxmader won hundreds of companies that were competing against it in the modality "European Design".

Luxmader EU Gateway

To be elected, was required: to have a solid business structure, to be at least 5 years in the industry, and a regularly participation in events of European design. And other requirements, such as: have a significant volume of exports and sales experience in other European countries during the least 5 years, having skilled resources needed to ensure continuity in existing markets, and a good feedback to Asian customers demand. "It was a meeting to strengthen and expand our commercial networks, and a unique opportunity to know the Japanese market and to explore current and future trends," said Borrás.

Luxmader EU Gateway

What is natural will last

The Japanese market and Luxmader have a common denominator: the natural essence. Since the most ancient time, wood has been a faithful companion for men, giving warmth in the cold winter nights, indispensable complement in the elaboration of hunting weapons, agriculture tools or material used in the construction of the first houses outside the caves and in thousands of examples more. The technological evolution has integrated an infinite number of new materials in the cohabitation of men, like aluminum, iron, pvc, and a long etc, materials which can contribute to give technical solutions to the housing needs, but in many cases they don’t have the comfort that comes from the natural materials, like wood. The wood incorporation to our homes structure and functionality will lead us to a natural atmosphere and supplying us with elements which count with personality and accomplish a wonderful decoration, comfort and style life.
These are the values ??that the Japanese market has in common with Luxmader, to establish spaces in harmony with nature.



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